Today we will discuss how to fix if your Android phone is hacked. Smartphones are smart but sometimes hackers are better smart so they can hack your android phone using different techniques. I will explain everything about how you can find your phone was hacked and how to fix a hacked Android phone.


If your phone has been hacked then These are the signs are a hacked phone:

  • Phone performance slow

If you feel your phone performance is slow it doesn’t mean 100% your phone is hacked. Phone slow issues may be caused by some other reasons, like lack of phone storage, lots of apps installed in your phone or etc.

  •  Use more battery

Your phone will take more battery than before. Most Malicious Spy apps install your phone and hide and use your phone’s energy and processor. That’s the reason your Phone battery drains fast when your android phone is hacked.

How to check your battery usage for registration?

Go to settings then check if your battery usage is high usage by any unknown application its 100% sure your information is continuously transmitted by any third-party application, don’t worry you will easily get rid of this issue.

  •  Phone Overheat

If your android phone overheats then it may be the reason for your phone being hacked because when your phone is hacked then most of your data sent to third parties loads your device processor and the battery can cause the phone to overheat.

  • Phone Slow when its new version comes

When any phone’s latest version comes then companies’ developers focus on the new phone version for better performance and create new apps for the new upgraded phone. These new upgraded android apps are made for the latest phones. If your phone is old then maybe these apps do not work properly on the old phone. Sometimes it may cause your phone to slow down.

Because companies’ developers do not 100% focus on the old phone version. It is not 100% right for all phone companies, because some companies can’t compromise their old phone speed performance.

  • Phone Cache/Junk files

If your phone is full of phone cache or junk files then it also can cause your phone performance to slow and also can cause phone hacking because sometimes hackers attack your phone with the help of your phone Cache. For Fix, a Hacked Android Phone always tries to clear your junk files from your android phone.

  •  Phone Root

If your phone is rooted then it can be the cause of your phone being hacked because if any malicious or spy apps enter your phone root directory then it is very difficult for you to remove that specific spy app in your phone. It also creates problems in recovering your android data if you lost your phone or broken screen.

  • Apps auto Installed on your Phone

If your phone auto-installed apps then it’s 100% sure any spyware or malicious app is installed on your phone that can be the cause of your phone being hacked or your privacy leaked.

  • Download Apps from Unofficial Store

If you download apps in any unofficial store, it may cause your phone to be hacked because if you installed any spy apps or malicious apps on your android phone then these apps can be the cause of your phone being hacked. Always try to download apps on official stores like the play store.

  • Outdated Apps on your phone

If your phone has outdated apps then it can be helpful for hackers and provide a source to enter your phone access. So always try to keep your phone apps updated. It helps you to protect your device from hackers.

  • Spy Apps

Spy Apps can be useful for parents to protect their sons from wrong or illegal activities. These spy apps are installed on android phones and that specific phone can be remotely controlled by someone who installed these apps. With the help of spy apps, anyone can see your contacts, messages, your call details, your location, your social media activities.

If any hacker is able to install these apps on your phone, then he can spy on all your activities. So, if you want to protect your phone from hackers then always try to keep your phone safe and don’t give it to anyone.

  • Click on fake Website URLs

Most of the time hackers send you a fake message of any lucky draw or any bumper offer and ask you to enter your details for getting your amount or offer. When you enter your details then all your details are received from that hacker and can be used for any of your account or phone hacking purposes.

  • Public / Open WIFI

If you are using public WIFI, open WIFI, or any unsecured WIFI then any hacker can access your data easily through your WIFI. he can play the role of man in the middle and can access and control your server and will show you who he wants. To protect your phone from hackers you must install a trusted VPN, then enter your password or use your banking apps.

  • Charging Ducks/ Charging Stations

If you use a charging station for your android phone charging then might be possible this charging station is not actually a charging station, it can be the hub of your data thief because if any computer or chip will attach to these charging stations then can be the reason for your android phone data hacked, so always try to charge your phone with your original charger or personal power bank for protecting your android phone from hackers.

  • SA7 /Stingray

With the help of SA7 or Stingray your phone calls, messages or phones can be hacked but this method is used very rarely or used only by High-security agencies.

  • Phone Reboots itself

If your android phone is auto Rebooted then it may be the reason for some malicious spy apps.

  • Unknown Numbers found in Call logs

If you found unknown phone numbers in recent call history then it may be the reason for your phone being hacked.

  • Unknown Messages or Emails found

If you find unknown messages or emails sent or in the receiving box then it means your phone is used by someone remotely and your android phone is hacked.

  • You cannot switch off your Device

If you try to switch off your device and you are unable to switch off and your phone increases the light or any pop-ups or opens different apps, then it means your phone is hacked.

  • Noises or ECO during Calls

If you feel any noise or Eco during phone calls, it means someone is tracking your phone conversation and accessing your android phone.

  • Increase the use of Mobile Data

If you feel your mobile data is used more than normal then it means your phone is not using only you. Someone can access your data through your internet.

Solutions To Fix A Hacked Android Phone


  1. If you feel these signs in your phone, try running antivirus software on your phone and delete all the apps you are not installing on your android phone. Also deleting unreliable apps on your phone could be the cause of your phone being hacked.
  2. If you received the message with the URL but cannot see the full URL, never open it.
  3. If you change your phone via an unknown computer when connected, use only charging.
  4. Don’t use the remember password function.
  5. Switch off all automatic connections to public WIFI networks. Instead, choose them manually.
  6. Don’t make online purchases or funds transferring while using public networks.
  7. Install reliable antivirus software on your android phone.
  8. Use a strong password on your phone.

Lots of pop-ups are shown on Your Android Phone

Fix a Hacked Android Phone, if lots of pop-ups are showing on your phone then you must contact any mobile phone expert. You can fix this issue by yourself by following the instructions:

  • Disconnect your internet services
  • Disconnect your internet services like Wi-Fi connection and other connections.
  • Remove the SIM card from your phone
  • Remove the SIM card from your phone if you feel your android phone is hacked.
  • Install the trusted antivirus software
  • Install the trusted antivirus software and if you have already installed it might be deactivated. Activating this and starting a full scan of your phone is so much to the job search unknown application in your phone and uninstall them.
  • Keep your storage backup
  • Keep your storage backup just images and other important files.
  • Reset your phone
  • Reset your phone if you feel other options you applied to fix a hacked phone are not working.

How to reset an Android Phone?

Open settings and then additional settings click on the backup and reset then click on factory reset your phone would be reset.

Related Queries about how to fix a Hacked android phone

In this article, I will try to cover all related queries about How to fix hacked android phones.

How to Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone?


For fixing a Hacked Android Phone, If you want to know who tracks you through your phone then you can easily find out with the help of these codes.

  • *#21#

Using this code, you can find out whether your calls, messages, and other data are being diverted.

  • *#62#

If you find out where calls, messages, and data are being redirected to it seems there is no one who can get through to you. The chances of in this case your calls being redirected to one of your cell phone operator’s numbers.

  • ##002#

This is a universal code for switching off all forms of redirection away from your phone. It is a good idea before you have to use rooming.

  • *#06#

Dial this code then you can find out your IMEI. With the help of the IMEI number you can easily trace your phone if you lost your phone, you can find his location when the phone will be switched on even by changing the SIM card. If a hacker or someone knows your IMEI number they can find out your phone model and the technical characteristics of your phone.

  • The James Bond codes to Fix a Hacked Android Phone?

These are the special codes that allow someone to track your location and also determine whether someone is following you. For this, you need a “Utility Net Monitor”

Type the following codes:

For iPhone: *3001#12345#*

For Android: *#*#4636#*#* and *#*#197328640#*#*

step 1:

Go to the section “UMTS cell environment”, and then “UMTS RR info”, and write all the numbers under cell ID.

These numbers are the basic stations located near your phone that will connect by default to the one that makes the best signal.

step 2:

Open the menu then click on the “MM info tab”, then “Serving PLMN” and write down the numbers under local area (LAC).

Step 3:

  1. These two numbers and the website are very important for you. Using these codes, you can find the location on the map of the base station that your phone is connected to.
  2. The ones to be suspicious and mobile base stations. This could be a truck or a small bus for the large antenna.
  3. These sorts of vehicles are used at rock festivals and in places where internet coverage is poor.
  4. If there’s one of them nearby, seemingly without any logical reason, then it’s possible that someone is engaged in spying.
  5. Don’t install unknown programs on your phone
  6. Don’t click on unsafe links
  7. Please do not connect your phone to suspicious free charging stations.


For Fix, a Hacked Android Phone first tries to make your backup first and reset your phone if any specific problem or not solved but don’t try to root your device it can create more problems for your phone security. Don’t click on Sammy links or don’t visit untrusted sites if you want to secure your phone from hacking. but if your phone is hacked and you don’t know about its reason then you must check your phone for an expert. but if you see your phone performance is still slow and show up different popups and auto-installed unwanted apps then try to reset your phone after making your data backup.

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