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Samsung data recovery black screen or in broken screen is a very difficult to recover but here I will explain everything how you can recover your android data easily. Keeping your device with a password is a good way to keep others from spoiling yourself. What happens when you drop the phone and break the screen. Where you can get your data out from the phone without entering the password.

For Samsung data recovery black screen follow these steps:

  • Connect your phone to your Laptop/PC

When you try to connect your Samsung Phone to the computer for data recovery when your phone is on a black screen. First of all, you will see your phone is connecting with your laptop/Pc. It requires your phone password to access your data. Due to the black screen, you cannot enter your password on your phone to unlock or access your data. Then follow the next steps:

  • Connect your Samsung Phone with Keyboard Using OTG cable


You connect your phone with OTG cable then connect with your keyboard, but must check the first keyword is connected and working properly with your Samsung phone. Press backspace to delete any text of the android before. Now enter the correct password, and don’t make any mistakes, we have to start over again don’t forget to hit the enter button to confirm the password.

  • Connect your Samsung Phone to the Laptop/PC again

When you connect your Samsung phone again to your Pc, you have no access to your data, you can recover your pictures, audio videos, or any data you want.

You can apply this method on all other devices if your phone is on a black screen or broken screen then you connect your phone to your pc or see if the phone is connecting with your pc but ask for a password then you can connect your phone to the keyboard using OTG and enter correct password then connect your phone again to the pc hope so your problem will be solved and you will able to recover your backscreen phone data.

If You have Samsung Account

If you have a Samsung account then it’s very easy and helpful for you to recover your data while your phone is on a black screen or broken screen or even you lost your phone, for recover your data follow these steps

Find my Mobile / Device


Go to the search bar and type finds my Mobile in the Samsung site then enter your email and password and sign in to your Samsung account then go to the backup option then you select the data you need then click on backup.

Unlock your Password

Using this method you can also unlock your phone if you are not able to connect your phone with a laptop due to a black screen or broken screen. You just go to the unlock option and enter your password then your phone will be unlocked.

 Data Recovery using Recovery Software

To recover your Samsung phone data on a black screen or broken screen then follow these simple steps

  • Download Software

To download this software just click on the given download click

macOSDownload Recovery software

  • Run Software and connect your Samsung Phone with PC

After installing this software connect your Samsung phone with your PC > Choose the option > “Broken Android Data Extraction” when your phone is connected then press the start button. Then select the file types you want to recover>then click the next button>choose the fault type of your phone>select the correct device name >Device model of your phone.

Remember one thing before entering the “Confirm” button please must ensure you enter the correct Device Name and Device model.

Enable Download mode on your broken/Black screen Phone

To enable download mode on your black screen or broken screen phone follow these steps

  • Power off your phone
  • Press and hold the “volume down”, “Home” and “Power button” at the same time.
  • Press the “Volume Up” button to activate the download mode.

Analyze Your Black Screen phone

In this step, your phone is connected with your Pc/laptop and recovery will analyze the black screen phone automatically.

Choose The Data You Wanna Recover

In this step, you just choose the desired data you wanna recover in your broken or black screen phone and just click the Recover button. Using this method you can also recover the data in all your Damaged/Broken screen/cracked phone and also recover data in your SD card.



Most of the peoples are confused when their phone is broken or in black screen. He doesn’t know how they can recover their Samsung phone. Most of the people go to market to solve this issue. if you read this complete article then you will be able to recover your all data at home without losing any of your precious data using these methods.

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