The best Camera Apps for Android 2022 list will help you to find the best camera app for your photography. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store that will help you take better photos and edit them in ways you didn’t know were possible. Take the best pictures with the best camera apps on Android. Find unique camera apps, like those that let you add a photo filter to your photos or make professional-looking videos and movies. When You understand the features of these apps then you can edit your photos without using any photo editing apps.

The following apps are free and some of the best photography apps on Android. Some of the apps have premium features but you can use its free version. Best Camera Apps for Android 2022 list will help you to learn more about the most popular and useful camera apps for android devices, which will help you take better photos and edit your video without any professional video editing apps for android. 

Best Camera App for Android 2022

Here is the list of best camera apps for android in 2022. All these apps have amazing and futuristic features. It enhances your photography experience.

1: Open Camera App


The Open Camera app is your perfect tool for the ultimate photography experience. This app helps you capture high-quality images and videos in different settings with a lot of interesting features.

Open Camera App is a free and open-source camera app for Android devices. This camera app features various video, photo, and time-lapse recording capabilities.

Open Camera App was originally started in 2011 by Synydyne Systems (a Silicon Valley-based company) as the first open-source camera application for Android. The application was later discontinued in 2012 due to a lack of funding and resources.

In 2017, Open Camera gained renewed interest from the development community and became open-source again under the Apache 2 license.

The future of this app can be determined by its popularity on Google Play Store. Currently, the app has more than 50 million ‘+’ downloads with over 500,000 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars on Google Play Store which is a good sign for its longevity in 2021. Amazing thing is that the size of this app is only 1.8 MB.

Here are some of the features that make it stand out from other camera apps:

  • Custom color controls and filters to experiment with various styles, including B&W, Sepia, Vivid, etc.
  • Ability to record high-quality videos
  • Turn on/off the shutter sound
  • Capture stills while recording video
  • Exposure compensation to help you get better shots in difficult lighting conditions
  • Live histogram

2: Manual Camera: DSLR-Camera Professional 


Manual Camera is a professional DSLR Camera app for Android. The Manual Camera app has feature-rich controls that give you access to all the features of your DSLR camera. It also has the capability to shoot RAW images in DNG format. The app can be used with any smartphone running on Android and not just with specific phones from Samsung or other companies.

A lot of people nowadays are getting into photography and the DSLR-Camera Professional app is one of the most popular ones. The app has an interface that’s easy to use, a variety of different shooting modes for different types of photography, and other features that make it a great tool for photographers.

This app is considered one of the best android apps for cameras. The app is not only good for beginners but also professionals because it has features that can be used in combination with other programs to create even more professional-looking photos such as professional editing tools and RAW processing.

It’s the most popular app 500K+ downloaded in the play store with 4.4 stars rating. The size of this app is only 3.2 MB.

Features of Manual Camera App for Android

  • Manual Exposure
  • Manual Focus
  • Play with Exposure
  • High-Quality Video Recording
  • Slow fast Motion
  • White balance control
  • Scene mode selections
  • Real-time color effects

3: Adobe photoshop camera app for android in 2022


Adobe photoshop camera app for android is one of the most anticipated apps by photographers. It has been a long wait for this release as Adobe had already announced the app in 2017.

This app will help make editing photos on the go a lot easier. You can automatically apply filters and add features to your photos just by using your phone’s camera.

The editing tools are not as advanced as the ones available in Adobe Photoshop but they are still good enough for basic photo editing.

This app will transform the way we take and edit photos.

The Adobe Photoshop camera app lets you make edits and capture shots with your phone’s camera. You can use this app to edit things like lighting, color, focus, and more with just a few taps on a screen.

Features of the Adobe Photoshop Camera app

  • Best Filters: Lots of Filters are available on this app, just download them and apply them to your photos while you are taking or editing your photos.
  • Portrait Mode: Using Portrait mode you can blur your photos
  • Sky Replacement Lens: Using a sky replacement lens you can change the sky look in your photos. You can use day and night base theme lenses to change your sky color while you want to take a photo. This feature is amazing. You will agree when you use this personally.

4: ProShot Camera App for android 


If you want DSLR effects on your photos then this app is best for you. You can see a lot of modes in this camera app. 

The ProShot Camera App for Android is a top competitor to other camera apps in the market because it provides the best user experience. It’s simple to use and comes with useful features such as time-lapse mode, picture-in-picture mode, selfie stick support, and RAW image support which are not available in many other camera apps on the market today.

The ProShot Camera App for Android is a photography app that can help you take professional-looking photos and videos. The app features an easy-to-use interface, and it’s perfect for both beginners and advanced photographers.

It provides a level of customization that you can’t find in any other app. This will make it the most powerful camera app in the world. This is a pro app. If you want to use this app then you need to purchase its key.

Features of the ProShot Camera App

  • Pro Photo: Capture any moment with RAW, JPEG, Manual Control, and MF Assist.
  • Pro Video: Every camera control: Unleashed. 4K, 240fps, Manual control, and Extreme Bitrates.
  • Tons of Options: All within reach. Time-lapse, light painting, custom modes, and Fluid UI.

5: Pixtica: Camera and editor for android in 2022


Pixtica is a free camera app that is available on the Google Play Store. Its focus is to provide high-quality photo editing features that will be available to users in 2021, and it has a lot of potential.

This app has a new AI-enabled interface that takes advantage of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create automatically shareable visual content from video recordings.

Pixtica is a camera and editor for android that will be released in 2021. It is a new-age camera that includes many features to help you with editing your photos. This app is considered the best camera app for selfies. This app not only edits your photos but also adjusts the colors, lightens the image, and applies filters to make the photo look more appealing.

Features of Pixtica camera and Editor app 

  • All in One App: Great photo and video editor plus a professional Camera app
  • Portrait Mode: With portrait mode add bokeh effects, blur, or replace the background of your photo
  • A lot of Camera Modes: Panorama, GIF, Tiny planet, Photobooth, and many more
  • Unique compositions with stickers, filters, textures, and many other tools
  • Enhance Photos and videos with great amazing tools
  • Complete great gallery
  • Video editor, time-lapse, story mode, hyper lapse
  • Full manual control for full scene adjustment

6: Filmic Pro best camera app for android


Filmic Pro is the best camera app for android in 2021. It is designed to mimic a professional camcorder. It has an extensive range of features, including manual camera controls, in-app recording, 4K video capture, and much more.

It’s the most powerful video-capturing and editing app. It includes the ability to shoot raw, adjust exposure, and other aspects of your video within the app, which is useful for beginners or those who want more control over their shots. You’ll also find a variety of effects and filters that you can apply to your videos.

It has lots of features that will allow you to capture your moments in the best possible way. Filmic Pro has everything from color presets to video stabilization and wide-angle lenses.

This app provides all the features of professional camera equipment. You can change focus, depth of field, exposure, white balance, and more with just a few taps on your screen.

Key Features of Filmic Pro Best camera app for android

  • Complete Manual Camera control
  • Lock focus and adjust exposure & set frame rates
  • Record with live analytics
  • Break the limitation of your phone camera
  • Hardware support

7: ProCam X best camera app for android


ProCam X is an app that is designed for people who love photography. It has all the features of a high-end camera app and it’s also very easy to use.

ProCam X is a camera app that has been designed to help you make the best possible photo with your Android device. With ProCam X, there are no more worries about camera settings or adjustments needed to take the best picture. It’s all about having a camera that is easy to use and captures high-quality photos. ProCam X has been designed with your device in mind.

In 2021, the best camera app for android is ProCam X. It has a wide variety of features like video editing, filters and effects, live screen recording, photo editing, and much more. This app is one of the most popular apps in the camera category on Google Play.

Features of ProCam X: The best camera app for android 

  • High-Resolution Video Recording
  • Set focus mode with various presets
  • Adjust exposure compensation
  • Best white balance adjustment
  • Slow-fast recording option
  • Interval shots: for creating time-lapse or stop motion
  • Quick setting: easy to change the configuration

8: Camera360 app for android 


The Camera360 app, launched in 2009, has been referred to as one of the best camera applications for Android. It has over 18 million users worldwide and is the top-ranked Camera, photo, and video editing application on the Google play store.

Camera360 is an app that allows you to take pictures and edit them with several different filters. Camera360 has a lot of editing options that allow you to enhance your photos by adding filters, changing the lighting, and adding stickers.

In 2021, Camera360 will be a popular app for android phones. This app will be one of the top photo editing apps for android users. The company has already released its app on iOS and it has become one of the most downloaded apps in the photo and video category in just a few months.

This app is the most popular app with over 500 million downloads worldwide.

Features of Camera 360 App

  • Delicate face: you can capture clearly outlined face using the camera 360 app
  • Stylish look
  • Face and body: slimming helps you to get a perfect figure 
  • Best quality filters
  • Cute stickers

9: Snap Camera HDR 


This app helps you take a series of quick photos, blended together into one image with amazing quality.

Snap Camera HDR for android helps users take better photographs with a powerful set of tools. It has an easy and fast interface which is very simple to use.

Snap Camera HDR has a built-in gallery that allows you to upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Snap Camera HDR does not need an Internet connection and works fine in the absence of network connectivity.

The app also includes manual controls, which is quite helpful while you take any photos.

The app offers users a variety of tools to get the best results from their pictures in challenging environments. It’s a light and easy-to-use application which uses HDR technology for taking photos in very dark or bright environments.

Features of Snap Camera HDR for android

  • Smart camera and photo editor
  • Take photos in a snap to share your perfect memories
  • Create amazing cinematography from one simple touch
  • Share short videos with friends, family & followers on Instagram
  • Super sharp details
  • Best for a Night shot
  • Lens pixel
  • Full HD experience

10: Camera MX for android (Best Camera App for Android 2022)



Camera MX is a free app for android which provides the user with many features. This app is made for people who are passionate about photography and want to take pictures like a professional. Some of the features these app offers are professional mode, time-lapse, slow motion, and many others.

This app is unique because it offers a sense of community and has a variety of features that can be used to better the photographer’s skills and quality of work.

Camera MX app for android is a mobile camera application that has been downloaded by more than one million users. It has been developed to take pictures with the same quality as a DSLR camera.

The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems with a sleek interface that’s easy to use.

Features of Camera MX App for android

  • Live Shot: Touch your photos and watch them come alive
  • Shoot The Past: Rewind the live shot and save the perfect image
  • Slow Motion Highlight
  • Live filter
  • Get creative: Create amazing works of art with only one click
  • Optimize and Edit


The list of the Best Camera Apps for Android 2022 is full of research and personal experience. I personally use all these apps and then put them in the best list of camera apps in 2022 because of their amazing features and user-friendly interface. These apps give you the experience almost like the best-paid android apps. These apps will change your photography experience. These are all the best camera apps for android free download is available on the play store. If you feel these apps are helpful for you then you must leave your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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