iPhone 11 secret features

iPhone 11 is a great amazing phone, today I will discuss the Top 15 iPhone 11 secret features.
iPhone 11 has the best battery, triple camera setup, and much more. Here I will explore the Top 15 secret features of the iPhone 11 that most people don’t know.

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1: Long Screenshots


Taking a long screenshot is a new iPhone 11 secret feature, everyone knows about how to take a screenshot but in iPhone 11 when you take a screenshot and go to the edit section you will see at the top of the page “full-page”,

If you select that now you can see the option to save the entire page screenshot, and also you can edit like the normal screenshot, you can take screenshots everywhere not only the internet searches.

You can share this screenshot anywhere like social media or email. It is a stunning feature of the iPhone 11 and helpful for all of us.

2: Camera: Taking a video without switching to video mode


In iPhone 11 has the biggest new addition in camera, you can shoot video and pictures at the same time without switching to video mode,

for using this just hold down on the burst button and drag it right side, and also you can lock it, you can see your iPhone 11 now starts recording and if you want to capture a photo at the same time just drag on the left side then you can shoot photos at the same time without switching your mode. It is the secret feature of the iPhone 11.

3: Quick access


These are some quick access features that are seriously needed on the iPhone.
If you go to the control-click center and hold down on the Wi-Fi button then long-press on the Wi-Fi button again, you will see you can now access any Wi-Fi without going into settings.

Some things you can do with Bluetooth are just long-press on the Bluetooth icon and select your device without going via setting.

You can also change your mode using quick access for using this just go to the access menu and long press on brightness then you can easily change your mode without going anywhere.

4: 3D Maps


In iPhone 11 3D maps feature is so amazing and cool you can go to your map and select your location and choose satellite view and then click on 3D view then rotate your view you can zoom in or zoom out it’s really very amazing

But the amazing and cool feature is that placing your thumb anywhere on your map then it shows the exact marked location and if you click on look around then you can see that entire place in 3D view.

5: Memoji for Friends


So, what are you doing? Make them a Memoji.
When you save a new contact on your iPhone or if you already have contact and change a photo of that contact, but you don’t have any photo then,
Everything you do is on someone’s contact page, when you click to add a photo, you will see the option to create a Memoji for them.

Have fun playing by trying to create something that looks exactly like your friend.

And when you’re done, you can have Memoji animate by copying your facial expressions to hit the stand!
Then, just select the background, and you are all set. It is the best iPhone 11 secret feature of 2022.

6: Quick Action on Notification


Quick action on Notification is an iPhone 11 secret feature. When you receive any notification then just press and hold on notification then you will see a preview box that will show then you can easily reply or take any action on that notification.

7: Quick Keyboard


The quick keyboard is mostly available on android but in iPhone 11 quick keyboard is now available, and you can type your messages too fast.

Just swipe on words and type it is so accurate and fast and also the recommendation of new words is also available on this keyboard. It’s a very tricky and helpful feature of the iPhone 11 to type fast when you talk with multiple people at the same time.

8: App Action


App action is an amazing feature addition to iPhone 11. If you press and hold on to any application you can see a bunch of quick actions you can do just holding on to any application, makes it so faster and easier.

If you want to rearrange any icon just tap and hold on to any icon then you can move easily where you want.

9: Email like a Pro


With the iPhone 11, you can type your email like a pro because when you reply and create a new email then you can see a toolbar just above the keyboard.

Where you can find a lot of options like changing font style, changing the color of any text, or highlighting any portion of the text you can completely customize your text. It is a very helpful and professional feature of the iPhone 11.

10: Scan & Attach


Scanning documents is also a very helpful secret feature of iPhone 11 and you can access it via file just click on the browse icon and click on 3 dots then you will see the option scan documents.

If you click on that you can scan any documents like a pro scanner, and you can change their formats to black & white or any format you want.

11: New Gestures

iPhone 11 has great gestures, if you click and hold on to the scroll bar then you can easily scroll up and down any page. For this new secret feature of the iPhone 11, you can do multiple tasks.

  • Undo or Redo

If you Want to undo or redo any page then simply take 3 fingers and swipe to left for undo & swipe to right for redo it’s so amazing.

  • Multi-select

If you want to multi-select just two fingers to touch at once then you can select more folders or files without a long press. This action is equally usable for emails or in any other apps.

  • Quick Copy and Paste

For quick copy and paste just select any text punch in with three fingers and if you want to paste simply pinch out with three fingers it automatically pastes your text.

12: Tap on the side Key


When you triple tap on the side key then you will see accessibility shortcuts

  • Classic Invert
  • Color filters
  • Reduce white point
  • Smart invert
  • Zoom

It is a very helpful feature sometimes to take quick action.

If you want to enable this setting go to settings and click on accessibility then scroll down and click on accessibility shortcuts then you can select the shortcuts which you want.

13: Use iPhone with one hand


If you want to use your iPhone with a single hand then you can use your iPhone 11 with a single hand.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen then you can see the whole screen will come near to the bottom of the main menu then you can easily use it with a single hand.

If you want to enable this option, just go to the setting and then click on accessibility then click on touch and click on the option reachability then you can use this option.

14: Lock Notes with Password


If you want to use Lock on your Notes then open your notes app and click on secure docs, then you create a note or paste it here.

If you already created then you paste it here & click on done then click on the share button on top, and then you swipe down, and you will see the option of lock Note then simply click on Lock Note,

When you click on it the 1st time it asks you for a password when you set a password then your Note is now locked when you want to unlock just click on unlock option, and then you can edit your note. You can also pin your notes on Top.

You can set a password with your face ID to enable this, just go to settings and click on Not then you can set a password as you want. It’s amazing iPhone 11 secret features.

15: Assistive Touch


The Assistive Touch button is an incredible feature of the iPhone 11. To enable this button just go to the setting and then click on accessibility then click on the touch button and here you will see an option of Assistive Touch.

You can put this button anywhere you want on the screen, when you tap on this button it allows you to do many options like:

  • Pull-on the notification panel
  • Go to Device
  • Lock screen
  • Rotate Screen
  • Volume up & down button
  • Unmute button
  • Screenshot
  • Restart
  • Shake
  • Accessibility shortcuts
  • SOS
  • eBay and much more.

You can customize this button as you want.


This article has a complete guide for you if you want to buy iPhone 11 or know about iPhone 11 secret features. If you want to know How to Create Apple ID in android or if you Want to know How to hide WhatsApp messages on the iPhone lock screen or if you are facing overheating issues on your android or iPhone then click on the given link if you like this article then must share it with your friends.

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