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Android games are such a huge success in the last few years that they’ve soon outpaced all the popular PC games as they were in particular. It requires internet access to run the Play Apps.
All players face limited opportunities in a foreign country such as India or Pakistan where finding a reliable connection alone may have to be a tough challenge. Best Offline Adventure Games for Android is the best list where you can find your desired offline adventure games for your android phone.

I compiled a list of only those games that are completely free and offline. You can easily download these apps on the play store and play anytime anywhere you want without the internet.

If you want to enjoy the best experience of these Awesome games on your android then you must have an android phone. If you don’t want to invest more money to purchase a new android phone then you can purchase the best budget gaming phone then your experience of gaming is going to the next level.

The following list includes some of the best offline adventure games for Android that you can download right now.

What is an Adventure Game?

Adventure games for android

An adventure game is a type of computer game that immerses the player in a fictional world with puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome. A common goal of adventure games is to collect items and use them correctly. Adventure games typically involve exploration, puzzle-solving, and story-telling.

The goal of an adventure game is often to collect certain items and use them correctly.

Adventure games often involve exploration, puzzle-solving, and storytelling.

Many people find this type of gameplay more appealing than other types because it can be very fun as well as intellectually stimulating.

Why do we need offline games?

Android is a great operating system. There’s a lot of software for it, and many apps are available for download. The problem with this is that you don’t have access to the internet all the time. That means you can’t play your games when you’re offline, which can be frustrating.

If you have offline games on your android then you can play anytime anywhere as you want because for playing offline games you don’t have any need for the internet. You can also check the Top 10 Best Games Like Age of Empires for Android & iPhone. You can play these games online and offline.

10 Best Offline adventure Android Games You Can Play Without Worrying About Internet

Here I select the top 10 best android offline adventure games which you can play without any internet.



Adera-offline-game-download -playstore

ADERA is one of the best offline adventure games for android and iPhone. It follows a story with a lot of twists and turns. This game is available in many languages so for those who want to improve their language skills, this game is perfect. ADERA also has a unique system that lets you modify the way you play the game with your own rules. 

ADERA is a world with many different and dangerous territories. The player is on a quest to find the lost and forgotten and uncover the secrets of Adera’s past.

You can see 5 adventure episodes in this game but the storyline of this game is very interesting. In this story, a girl receives a letter from their grandfather, and then he goes to Ireland to find hidden secrets.

You can see all graphics of this game are in a 3D mode which is quite interesting and makes this game more attractive for game lovers.

This is a fantasy game based on ancient mythological stories of the ancient Greeks. The objective of the game is to unveil the secrets hidden in ancient scrolls, fight with ancient legends and survive in battles with mythological creatures.

ADERA is a first-person adventure game that has been designed to take you on a challenging journey. You can play this amazing game on your android phone without the internet.

2: The Gardens Between 


The Gardens Between-game-download -playstore

Gardens Between is the best offline adventure game for android. It’s an emotional journey following two friends as they explore the mysteries of an ever-changing world filled with secrets, puzzles, and hidden collectibles.

This game is a beautiful and surreal story-driven puzzle game set in an overgrown garden. You play as Arina, a young girl who awakens to find her younger brother, Luka, has fallen down a deep hole. The player uses the touch screen to manipulate time and guide Arina along a narrative path. 

This game has no dialogue but you are able to get hints by reading the memories left behind by other players in the settings.

3: Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Sky-Dancer-Run – Running-Game

Sky-Dancer-Run – Running-Game-download

Sky Dancer Run is a running game that will have you jumping and dodging obstacles. This is the perfect game to play when you want to get in some exercise and have fun at the same time. In this game, your goal is to get as far as possible without getting caught by any of the obstacles. You can play this addictive running game offline or on your mobile device!

This Game is a fun and addicting game that can be played offline. This game is about a little girl who dreams of becoming a sky dancer. The player gets to help her make this dream come true, by guiding her through the obstacles in the levels to collect stars that will enable her to buy moves for the sky dance.

Sky Dancer Run is a fast-paced running game for android. It is an offline adventure game that has been designed to provide you with hours of entertainment.

4: Swordigo-Best Offline Adventure Game For Android



The best offline adventure games are the ones that are easy to play, quick to load, and don’t require an internet connection. Swordigo is a game for Android devices that meets all these requirements. It’s a fantasy RPG that you play in dungeons filled with monsters, treasure chests, and puzzles. You can choose from four different heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, who must navigate the dungeon.

Swordigo is an android game that has been downloaded over 10 million times. It is a classic RPG dungeon crawler with simple controls and excellent graphics. The game features motion-sensitive sword combat, an in-depth story mode, tons of exploration, customizable characters, challenging boss fights, and much more.

The story follows a knight named Sir Arthur who sets out to rescue the princess from the evil wizard, Malvel.

5: The Academy: The First Riddle



The Academy: The First Riddle is an offline adventure game with a captivating story that will leave you in suspense. You play as a teenage girl who has been kidnapped and taken to the Academy. The only way out of the Academy is through solving puzzles and finding clues to escape.

In The Academy: The First Riddle, players solve puzzles and complete challenges to uncover the story of a hidden world. Using a unique control scheme, players can draw paths for their heroes to walk on as they search for clues and unravel the riddles that stand in their way. It’s a brand-new take on the classic point-and-click adventure game!

It is the first in a planned trilogy, and it features beautiful graphics and animation, as well as an intricate and entertaining storyline. There are two difficulty levels: easy and hard, and many hours of gameplay await anyone who’s up for the challenge.

The Academy is a first-rate, immersive puzzle game. With a compelling story, beautifully rendered graphics, and a haunting soundtrack, it is an unforgettable experience. Students will need to use their wits and explore the academy to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape before all hope is lost.

6: Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG



Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG is a great offline adventure game that has been designed with a lot of features. You can play this game in your free time and it won’t take much of your time. In the game, the protagonist has been captured by an evil sorcerer and put into prison. Your duty is to release the protagonist from the prison by using different weapons which you will find on your way.

This game is a medieval fantasy action RPG game with an in-depth storyline and impressive graphics. The game has over 300 locations in 8 different regions. Players can experience thrilling battles, explore an open world, collect resources, upgrade armor and weapons, and learn new skills, and craft items.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG is a 3D offline adventure game for android. It is a role-playing game with a vast world to explore, quests to complete, and an endless variety of equipment to collect. The graphics are done in the medieval style and I have been hooked from the moment I started playing.

7: Trick Art DUNGEON



Trick Art DUNGEON is a fun and addictive Adventure game for android users. In this game, players will find themselves immersed in a virtual world as they explore dungeons and fight monsters. The goal of the game is to find the Trick Art Card which contains a picture from the player’s memory.

This game is an immersive, 3D puzzle game that challenges you to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents. The game is free and has hundreds of levels to play.

DUNGEON is the best offline adventure game on android. It is an innovative, challenging, and addictive game where you have to strategically attack monsters in real time. Be prepared to lose yourself in this highly immersive game for hours on end!

8: Detention-Best Offline Adventure Game 



There are many adventure games to choose from, but few compare to the new release of Detention. This game has been highly praised for its clever puzzles and immersive storyline. It remains a fan favorite among gamers who enjoy difficult challenges.

Detention is a horror adventure game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law. The player controls a Taiwanese high school student who is detained and imprisoned on a remote island for political reasons.

This game is an indie puzzle game that offers a great piece of entertainment. The game is set in an oppressive high school environment in 1960s Taiwan. The player must infiltrate the school at night, avoid detection from other students and teachers, solve puzzles and complete their objectives.

The game is about a man living in a dystopian future who is detained for thought crimes. The game’s protagonist has the ability to control time and must use this ability to solve puzzles and escape during his incarceration.

9: Forgotten Anne



Forgotten Anne is an adventure game that challenges the players to find out what happened to Anne, who, due to her amnesia, can only remember her name.

Forgotten Anne is a story-driven, exploration game about a girl with amnesia who has to find ways to get her memories back. Players are introduced to the narrative through three playable flashbacks in which they learn more about Anne’s past. As Anne gets closer to regaining her memories, she uncovers dark secrets that will completely change her perspective on what happened on the island.

This game is an adventure game for android users. It is set in a world where you can’t die, age, or get sick. The protagonist of the game becomes increasingly curious about what life was like before they were forgotten. This is, without a doubt, one of the most addictive games you’ll ever play.

In Forgotten Anne you explore a spooky old house to find your lost sister, Anne. You’ll need to solve puzzles and uncover secrets as you try to figure out the mystery of the house.

10: Death City: Zombie Invasion


Death City: Zombie Invasion-download

If you are looking for the best offline adventure games for android, Death City: Zombie Invasion is a must-have. This zombie game features stunning 3D graphics and a variety of weapons. The story takes place in the city of Death. You have to escape from zombies that want to eat you alive.

The game is set in the post-apocalyptic world, where zombies have taken over and you need to fight them off.

This game is the best offline adventure game for android. It’s about your fight to survive in the city of death. The graphics and animations are top class and the gameplay is very smooth. 

Death City is the latest zombie apocalypse game for your android. It offers you stunning graphics with 3D animation. You can fully explore Death City and venture into the zombie-infested streets to find hidden items, weapons, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best offline game for android?

Sky Dancer Run – Running Game is the best offline game for android. This game has an amazing story and awesome graphics. You can easily download this game on the play store and play this game even if you don’t have any internet.

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The best offline adventure games for Android are those that can be played without internet access. These types of games usually have a long story, with a lot of different tasks to complete. Offline games usually don’t have micro-transactions and these types of games typically provide a real challenge.

I try my level best to compile the best top 10 offline adventure games for android in 2022. I love all these games. Most of the games are very addictive. When you start playing these games it’s very difficult for you to stop them.

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