OnePlus 8 vs Note 8 | The Only Battle Worth Fighting

This is a comparison article that I came across comparing the OnePlus 8 vs Note 8. The article has a neat illustration of both phones and details about their differences. This seems like a really fair review with some solid points for and against whether either device might be the best for your needs.

The OnePlus 8 has a significant edge in terms of price and value over the Note 8. OnePlus also has a few features that Note 8 is missing. It has a slightly larger screen size, which is a little more comfortable to hold than the smaller Note 8. It also comes standard with NFC capabilities, while that’s an added feature on Note 8.

While both phones have a dual camera, only the OnePlus 8 has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both cameras. Note 8 only has OIS on one camera, which may make it inferior in low-light situations.
Overall, if you’re on a budget and don’t need all the bells and whistles of a $1,000+ phone, then the OnePlus 8 is your best bet.

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OnePlus 8 vs Note 8 | Table Comparison

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OnePlus and Samsung have been rivals in the Android space for some time, and both companies have consistently attempted to outdo one another in terms of flagship performance and features. While both phones are excellent choices for anyone looking for a high-end Android experience, there are some key differences that may make one device a better fit than the other depending on your needs.

The OnePlus 8 features a smaller, lightweight design than the Galaxy Note 8, which may appeal to those who prefer a more compact phone. Additionally, the OnePlus 8 is priced significantly lower than the Note 8, allowing users to save money without compromising on performance.

The OnePlus 8 also comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor, making it one of the few Android phones on the market to offer this feature. It has a larger, slightly heavier design. However, it also has a larger display, which may be preferable for those who want more screen real estate. Note 8 also comes with an S Pen stylus that can be used for drawing or taking notes. Overall, both phones are excellent choices for anyone looking for a top-tier Android experience.

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#1: OnePlus 8 | Hands-on Review

OnePlus is a well-known smartphone brand that offers high-quality Android devices at affordable prices. The OnePlus 8 is the latest release from the company, and it comes with a number of impressive features.

It has a Snapdragon 865 5G processor, 6.55-inch 1080×2400 (Fluid AMOLED, 90Hz, HDR10+) display, and up to 12 GB of RAM. The storage options include 128 GB and 256 GB, and there is also a 4300mAh Li-Po battery. As for the camera, it features a 48MP sensor that can shoot 2160p video. Other notable features include USB Type-C 3.1, NFC, and wireless charging.

OnePlus 8 has 180 g (ca. 5 oz) body weight, and it runs Android 10, upgradable to Android 12, OxygenOS 12. This phone is built with a Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), and aluminum frame. It supported dual SIMs.

Overall, the OnePlus 8 is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality Android device at an affordable price.

  • stunning design.
  • AMOLED display with 90Hz and HDR10+ support.
  • Splendid stereo speakers.
  • Oxygen OS.
  • Great long-lasting battery.
  • Outstanding night mode and camera performance.
  • Fast Charging Supported.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • It does not support wireless charging.
  • Not sharp enough for a 4K video.
  • No IP rating.
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#2: Note 8 | Definitive Guide

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a powerful smartphone that comes with many features. It has a processor of Exynos 8895, 6.3 inches (ca. 16 cm) 1440×2960 pixels display, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB storage, 3300mAh Li-Ion battery, 12MP (2160p) camera, USB Type-C 3.1 and NFC. This phone also supports fast charging and wireless charging. Note 8 is a great choice for those who are looking for a powerful and feature-rich smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an Android-based smartphone by Samsung Electronics. It was released on September 15, 2017. It is a successor to the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled due to battery issues. Along with the S8 and S8+, the Note 8 was Samsung’s first phone to have Bixby built in. It is also the first note device since Note 5 features an expandable storage option, which allows users to insert a microSD card into a dedicated slot on the device.

Note 8 is a great choice for those who are looking for a powerful and feature-rich smartphone.

  • Infinity Super AMOLED display.
  • Elegant design.
  • IP68 certified.
  • Sensitive S-Pen.
  • Great Camera quality.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Wireless Charging support.
  • Expandable memory.
  • Battery capacity could be improved.
  • Stereo speakers are not available.
  • Poor placement of the fingerprint reader.
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Why is OnePlus 8 better than Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

The OnePlus 8 is better than Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in a few key ways. Firstly, it has a more powerful processor, the Snapdragon 865 5G. This makes it better equipped to handle demanding tasks and ensures smoother performance overall.

Secondly, it has a larger display, at 6.55 inches (ca. 17 cm) compared to the Note 8’s 6.3-inch screen. This gives you more space to work with and makes for a more immersive experience.

Finally, the OnePlus 8 has a higher-resolution camera, at 48MP compared to the Note 8’s 12MP camera. This means you’ll be able to capture sharper, more detailed images and videos.


OnePlus 8 vs Note 8 both smartphones are amazing. The OnePlus 8 is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, high-end phone. It’s very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in terms of design and specs, but it’s better compared to Note 8. Since both phones have the same dual camera setup, they take great photos. However, there are some notable differences between the two.

Overall, I personally recommend the OnePlus 8, it’s a great option for anyone who wants a high-quality phone at a low price.

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