Cheapest Phone to Play PUBG

The cheapest Phone to Play PUBG list will help you find the best phones for PUBG at a cheap budget price. I am a big fan of the PUBG game & I have been playing PUBG since its release in 2018.

This is an amazingly addictive game for game lovers. Most people do not take its full charm because of its low-quality phones.

If you want to know about PUBG game requirements then it’s simple: just 2 GB RAM and Android 5.1.1 or above “Android phones”, and iOS 9.0 or above “iPhones”. You can also check the list of the best budget gaming phones.

You can play PUBG with the above minimum specifications, but if you want to play smoothly then you must have at least 4 GB of RAM and a mid-range processor like (Snapdragon 6XX) and above for an Android Phone. For iPhones, you’ll need 3 GB RAM and Apple 11 Bionic processor or higher.

Best Budget Smartphone to Play PUBG

We live in a world where we are always looking for ways to save some money. Sometimes, the best way of saving money is by buying a budget phone. A budget phone does not have all the features that you might want from your device, but they are great for everyday usage and playing games on the go.

In today’s market, almost every week, one of the new phones of any mobile company is launched. When we want to purchase any phone for gaming purposes, then It’s very important to choose the best phone whose specification is good for gaming.

Top 5 Best Cheapest Phones for PUBG Mobile

This article will provide you with a list of some of the cheapest phones on the market that can play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

#1: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S-cheapest phones for Pubg

Display: 6.67”

Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G

Camera: 48MP

Battery: 5020mAh


Storage: 128 GB Price: USD 219

Check out the lowest price:

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9S is the cheapest phone with a gamer-grade Snapdragon processor on the market. Along with that, it offers a long-lasting battery with fast charging support and dual rear cameras.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is for those who want a phone that will keep up with their gaming and multitasking needs without breaking the bank.

This amazing device has Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G processor which makes this phone super-fast and runs smoothly while you play any game like PUBG.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which is quite enough for any type of game and your normal usage. This phone changes your gaming experience.

#2: OnePlus Nord N200

OnePlus Nord N200-best cheapest phones for pubG

Display: 6.49”

Processor: Qualcomm SM4350 Snapdragon 480 5G

Camera: 13MP

Battery: 5000mAh


Storage: 64 GB Price: USD 199.99

Check out the lowest price:

The OnePlus N200 is the cheapest phone to play PUBG. It has a 6.49-inch HD+ resolution touchscreen and is powered by a 2.3GHz octa-core processor and 4 GB of RAM.

OnePlus Nord N200 has a 5000mAh battery which provides you the best time while you play games. This device gives you 4K@30fps,1080p@30/60/120fps, 720p@960fps, gyro-EIS while you watch any video or play PUBG mobile.

It has a 6.67” Display which provides you with the best Resolution: (2400 × 1080 FHD+). You can buy this amazing device at a very discounted price.

#3: iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus best gaming phone

Display: 5.50”

Processor: Apple A11 Bionic

Camera: 12MP

Battery: 2691mAh


Storage: 64 GB Price: USD 209.95

Check out the lowest price:

PUBG is one of the most addictive games available on mobile devices. You can also play this game very smoothly on iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 Plus has 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, which is enough for this game. It has an Apple A11 Bionic processor, which makes this device very compatible with games. This phone can change your PUBG experience because of its high refresh rate and strong processor.

It provides you best Graphics and high resolution. It is available in a cheap price range.

#4: BLU G90 Pro

BLU G90 Pro-Cheapest Phone to Play PUBG

Display: 6.5”

Processor: MediaTek MT6785 Helio G90T (12 nm)

Camera: 48MP

Battery: 5100mAh

RAM: 4 GB Storage: 128 GB Price: USD 249

Check out the lowest price:

The BLU G90 Pro is the cheapest phone on the market that can play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It has a fingerprint scanner, a large battery life, and a display that’s good enough for most people.

With some features as smart as its price, this phone is worth checking out if you’re looking for something to play some PUBG on.

This phone has a MediaTek Helio processor which makes this phone highly compatible with PUBG mobile.

It is very annoying when you play any game and your phone battery drains so fast. After purchasing this device your battery problem will end because this phone has a 5100mAh battery which is enough for every gamer.

BLU G90 has a 6.5-inch (0.17 m) Full-HD display, and you will see the best Graphics.

#5: Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G-Cheapest Phone to Play PUBG

Display: 6.55”

Processor: Qualcomm SM7350-AB Snapdragon 780G (5 nm)

Camera: 64MP

Battery: 4250mAh

RAM: 6/8 GB

Storage: 128/256 GB Price: USD 399

Check out the lowest price:

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G is the best phone to play PUBG. It is the best choice for gamers who want to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience at an affordable price.

The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G processor and 8 GB of RAM, which makes it up to 3 times faster than the normal 4G network in terms of graphics processing.

It also has two 64MP Cameras which capture images with up to 3x More detail and 2x more stability. It has a 4250mAh battery which stands your phone for up to 1.5 days. You will see the best Graphics and Refresh rate on this amazing device.

How do I choose the best gaming phone?

When I decide on any phone for gaming purposes, then must check the specifications of that Mobile device. If you purchase the best device for PUBG mobile, then you must check all these points.

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Display
  • Random-access memory (RAM)
  • Frames per second (FPS)
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the component of a phone that performs the processing of data.

A Central Processing Unit or CPU is a component in a Mobile device that performs calculations in order to make sense of data. It’s the most important part of your Phone, and it is directly related to your hard drive, graphics card, and RAM memory. If you want to buy any phone, then must check its CPU.


The display is an integral part of any phone. A bad display can make a phone unusable, but a good display makes for a good experience. In gaming, the display is significant because it dictates how well games look and run on the device.

A display needs to be high-resolution, crisp, and offer vivid colors to provide any gaming experience. For high-end phones, the displays are typically OLED panels, which offer better blacks with richer colors than their LCD counterparts.

The timing of refresh rates also matters in this aspect, as it has an effect on motion blur and input response time with the game. A higher refresh rate will result in less motion blur or input lag, which is extremely crucial in fast-paced games like first-person shooters.

Random-access memory (RAM)

RAM is the short form for Random Access Memory. It’s a Phone memory that can be accessed in any order and at any time, which means that it is very fast. It’s necessary to keep high RAM if you want to play new games on your phone.

A smartphone’s RAM is often measured in gigabytes (GB) and determines how many of your apps and programs can run simultaneously without slowing down or crashing. The more of these you have, the longer it will last before it needs to be restarted or charged again.

When you want to purchase any phone for PUBG mobile, then you must check its RAM. The best RAM will give you the best results in gaming.

Frames per second (FPS)

The frames per second refer to the rate at which a display refreshes its image to produce a new picture.

Frames per second (FPS) is an indicator of how well a device displays images, and it is important for the gaming experience because any device with low FPS will produce unwanted lags and other artifacts. The more FPS, the smoother gameplay will be.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is an electronic circuit that processes all the graphics on a device. They are used to create images for games, videos, and other content. Video game consoles rely on them to display visuals on the screen.

If you want the best Graphics while you play any game then you must check the GPU of any phone while you purchase any new phone for games.

My Recommendation “Final Thoughts”

Which phone is good for playing PUBG?

I recommend the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S for PUBG mobile if you want an Android phone. The 4G RAM/64 GB version is a good, cheaper option if you have a lower budget. It has a Snapdragon CPU and stays cool even on Extreme frame rates.

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G is also a great amazing device that is designed for gaming because it has a Qualcomm SM7350-AB Snapdragon 780G (5 nm) processor and 8 GB of RAM and the best Graphics and Refreshes rate which makes the phone super-fast.

BLU G90 Pro is also the best device for the PUBG game because it has MediaTek MT6785 Helio G90T (12 nm) processor and a long battery which gives you the best graphics with long battery life. You can also check the best mobiles for PUBG under 30,000 in Pakistan.

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