5 Best UMIDIGI Phones You Can Buy In 2022

The best UMIDIGI phone list will include the best budget smartphones in the market. UMIDIGI is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has so far been able to make a name for itself in the budget and mid-range market. The company offers smartphones with great specs and design, at a much lower price than you might be expecting.

This company is relatively new to the smartphone market, and they are quickly establishing itself as a reliable brand.

Its Phones are one of the few models that can be considered top-tier budget devices for those on a tight budget. They offer excellent value and have a sleek, elegant design.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at their top 5 devices that you can buy in 2022.

Are UMIDIGI phones worth buying?

UMIDIGI has been developing its phones in China for a few years now, and they are starting to make waves in the international market. The phones are fairly priced, offer a smooth experience, and even come with a two-year warranty.

UMIDIGI phones are a nice alternative to the more expensive brands. They offer many of the same features at a much lower price.

Where is the UMIDIGI phone made?

UMIDIGI is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently released the UMIDIGI One Pro. The phone was originally advertised as being made in Europe, but it turns out that it’s actually manufactured in China and assembled in Vietnam.

Is the UMIDIGI camera good?

UMIDIGI is a new smartphone manufacturer, it recently launched its flagship smartphone device with a 13+20MP dual back camera and a 16MP front camera.

Some UMIDIGI smartphones come with 64 MP cameras which provides you with an Awesome experience in photography.

Best UMIDIGI Phones-Ultimate Guide

UMIDIGI has been in the smartphone industry for a while now and is well known for its quality smartphones. In this article, we list out UMIDIGI’s best phones and provide a brief review of each phone.

#1: UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max

UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max best Phone

Processor: OCTA-core Helio G80

Display: 6.8” FHD


Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 5150mAh

Camera: 48MP AI Triple Camera

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UMIDIGI has been outperforming the competition since its inception with unparalleled value for money and an unrivaled customer experience.

The UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max phone is the best UMIDIGI phone in the world. It has a 6.8-inch screen and a large battery capacity of 5151mAh which will be perfect for long-lasting use.

UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max also has triple cameras, the Main camera comes in 48 MP and second Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera is 16 MP and the third camera is Macro Camera 2MP. A combination of these cameras will provide you with extraordinary results for photo lovers.

It has a 5150mAh Mega Battery which is enough for your daily use. You enjoy its battery backup while you are watching movies or playing any games. This phone comes with a Type C cable and supports 10W fast charging.

A11 pro max has an OCTA-core Helio G80 processor which is highly compatible with all the latest apps and games.

UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max-Pros & Cons

  • Budget Phone
  • Come with triple camera setup
  • 10W fast charging supported
  • Long lasting battery 5150 mAh
  • Compatible with all apps and games
  • Infrared Thermometer 2.0
  • Powerful Gaming Processor
  • Overall great device in Mid range
  • DMR and protected content aren’t fully supported by the phone
  • I prefer thinner and lighter phones because they’re a little heavy

#2: UMIDIGI A9 Pro


Processor: OCTA-core Helio P60

Display: 6.3” FHD


Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 4150mAh

Camera: 48MP (48+16+5+5)

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UMIDIGI, a China-based company, has launched the UMIDIGI A9 Pro, a high-end smartphone that has the potential to compete with similar models from Samsung.

The A9 Pro is equipped with an octa-core Helio P60 processor and 8 GB of RAM, which should provide sufficient power for all of your mobile tasks. Other features include a vibrant 5.

This phone has a 4150mAh battery which keeps your device on for 24 to 30 hours. It has 4 cameras set up the main camera is 48 MP and another one is 16+5+5.

UMIDIGI A9 Pro has an OCTA-core Helio P60 processor which makes it super-fast and reliable. You can enjoy gaming without any issues.

UMIDIGI A9 Pro-Pros & Cons

  • Powerful battery
  • 6.3″ Bright & Crisp Display
  • Large screen so you can enjoy gaming and movies.
  • Latest Android 11 supported
  • 4th Camera setup
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Fingerprint scanner with quick reaction time
  • Thermometer with non-contact infrared technology
  • OTG supported
  • Extra customizable button
  • Incapable of playing high-end games
  • Fast charging not supported
  • No NFC
  • No Wireless Charging supported.

#3: UMIDIGI S5 Pro


Processor: MediaTek Helio G90 T

Display: 6.39” FHD


Storage: 256 GB

Battery: 4680mAh

Camera: Quad (48+16+5+5MP)

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The UMIDIGI S5 Pro is a mid-range Android phone with a gorgeous 6.39-inch screen, powerful octa-core processor, and 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB internal storage. It is one of the first phones to be powered by a MediaTek Helio G90 T chip and comes with quad cameras for taking stunning photos.

It has a 4680mAh battery which gives you the best power of your phone when you are watching any movies or playing your games.

Overall, this device is best for normal use. You can take the best photos using its amazing camera.

UMIDIGI S5 Pro-Pros & Cons

  • Premium Build quality
  • USB C charging port
  • Optical fingerprint sensor
  • Popup Selfie Camera
  • Great Gaming Performance
  • No Headphone Jack
  • 256 GB internal storage
  • Doesn’t come with any face recognition or unlocking technology
  • Wireless Charging not supported
  • Video Stabilization could be improved

#4: UMIDIGI F2-Best UMIDIGI phone

UMIDIGI F2-Best UMIDIGI Smartphones

Processor: MediaTek Helio P70

Display: 6.53′ FHD


Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 5150mAh

Camera: 48MP AI Quad Camera

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UMIDIGI F2 is a phone that has been designed to offer the best of everything. It has a dual camera, an octa-core processor, and a large battery which means it is able to last for several hours on one charge. The device also features a fingerprint sensor, an IR blaster, and a face unlock option.

UMIDIGI F2 is a budget-friendly UMIDIGI phone with a flagship-grade processor and stellar features. The UMIDIGI F2 has the latest Android OS, 6.53 FHD screen display, and the latest AT&T network compatibility.

It comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage which is sufficient for normal use. It has a 48 Megapixels camera that offers you an awesome experience in photography.

UMIDIGI F2 has a MediaTek Helio P70 processor which is superfast and compatible with all games and apps.

UMIDIGI F2-Pros & Cons

  • Drop-resistant & Scratch-resistant
  • Overall high quality
  • Great sound quality
  • Accelerometer sensor enabled
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Proximity sensor
  • Fast charging technology
  • Wireless charging standard
  • NFC.
  • Little Slippery
  • Bulky and heavy

#5: UMIDIGI Z2 Pro

umidigi Z2 pro-best UMIDIGI phones

Processor: Helio P60

Display: 6.2” FHD


Storage: 128 GB

Battery: 3550mAh

Camera: Dual (16+8 MP)

Check out the lowest price: Amazon.com

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is a high-end and outstanding device. It features the latest chipset from Helio P60. A fast and powerful processor combined with the latest Android operating system offers a smooth experience.

It has a stunning 6.2-inch full HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio that is perfect for multimedia consumption or gaming

UMIDIGI Z2 comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, a 3,550mAh battery with fast charging support, and dual SIM slots.

This smartphone device has a dual-camera setup that is capable of changing your photography experience.

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro-Pros & Cons

  • Face unlock sensor supported
  • NFC enabled
  • Dual camera setup
  • Wireless charging supported
  • USB Type C
  • Awesome design

  • Headphone jack not available
  • LED Notification light not enabled

My Recommendations-Best UMIDIGI phone

UMIDIGI is a Chinese brand that is making waves in the smartphone market. They’ve revamped their lineup and released some excellent handsets priced under $300.

All the UMIDIGI smartphones mentioned in the above list are amazing, but I personally recommend UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max and UMIDIGI F2. If you feel my experience then go and purchase these devices then you really understand why I choose these smartphones in the best UMIDIGI phone list.

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