Why Tablets Are Cheaper Than SmartPhones

Why are Tablets cheaper than Smartphones? The world we live in has changed greatly over the past decade. And if we compare smartphones and tablets, they represent two of the most important pieces of technology in our lives today.

The price difference between a tablet and a smartphone is usually around $100 and it is an easy way to judge just how much more expensive a smartphone is than a tablet.

Why are tablets cheaper than smartphones?

Here are some possible explanations for this:

  • Tablets are cheaper to manufacture than smartphones
  • Tablets don’t require contracts with wireless carriers, so there’s no subsidy for them
  • Most of the time, Tablets can be sold at any big box retailer, whereas smartphones need to be sold at an actual, physical store.
  • Tablets are cheaper than smartphones because they do not need to be upgraded as often.
  • They are less expensive than phones because they don’t have the same upgrade frequency.
  • Phones need to be updated every year, whereas tablets can last for three to five years.

Disadvantages of Tablets

  • Smartphones are more portable than tablets.
  • Tablets are only used when the user is sitting down.
  • It’s very problematic to carry Tablets if you do not have any bags. 
  • Due to its large display, its charging backup is also less than Smartphones
  • Most of the Tablet’s cameras are not satisfactory as compared to smartphones. 
  • Tablets are not full of all user’s demand features like smartphones. 
  • The resale value of Tablets is not good as compared to smartphones.
  • Tablets hardware is prone to damage
  • weaker capabilities, which makes it cheaper

What Is the Best Tablet for Little Money?

What Is The Best Tablet For Little Money

If you are looking for a tablet, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, then this article will give you some options.

There are many tablets on the market that have a price of less than $200. You can find many Android tablets with 10” screens. Some of them have an IPS display and others one with E-ink technology. In the end, it is up to your preference and budget.

In this article, we would like to help you choose the best tablet for the little money that is available in the market right now. We will present a list of ten tablets that vary in their prices and specs, so everyone has sufficient information to make a good choice according to what they need from their device.

Here is the list of the best Tablets under $200

#1: Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus 🙁Price: $104.98 You Save: $45.00 (30%)

#2: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite  🙁Price: $119 “You save $40.99 (26%”)

#3: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 🙁Price: $129 “You Save $14.00 (9%”)

#4:Tab M10 HD :(Price: $154 You Save: $25.00 (14%)

#5: Amazon Fire HD 10  🙁Price $154.99)

Conclusion-Why are tablets cheaper than smartphones?

Tablets are cheaper than smartphones because they have a lower overhead cost. The production of tablets is cheaper, and they don’t cost as much to maintain.

Tablets also don’t require any costly maintenance, which makes them suitable for consumers who can’t afford a smartphone. If you love gaming or want to watch any videos with a large screen then a tablet is the best option for you, but if you love photography then you go for smartphones under $200.

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