Bubble Shooter and Similar Games Available on MPL

Different types of online games are popular among the masses for numerous reasons, such as racing games, sports games, etc. However, casual and arcade games remain the two most loved categories of all time. This is primarily because games belonging to both genres are simple and easy to play.

Thanks to the popularity of the gaming genres, numerous online platforms offer casual and arcade games. However, one platform that truly stands is MPL, thanks to the seamless graphics and games feature. Here is a look at some of the most popular arcade and casual games the top-tier online platform offers users.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter games have been popular among the masses for many decades now. Even though there have been many iterations of the game over the years, the bubble shooter game on the MPL application takes the fun and excitement quotient to another level.

The top-tier online arcade game features a bubble cannon that shoots out colored balls into the cluster of balls hanging from the ceiling. Similar to other iterations of the bubble shooter games, players’ main objective is to pop out bubbles and prevent the cluster of bubbles from touching the screen’s bottom.

Like other games on MPL, the bubble shooter game features appealing visuals and realistic graphics that allow players to have an immersive online gaming experience. The best part is that players do not need to download bubble shooter app separately to get started, i.e., they can access the game by downloading MPL’s official app.

Block Puzzle

The Block Puzzle game on the MPL app is another popular arcade game that is loved by tons of online gaming enthusiasts. The iteration of the brain-teasing game on the MPL app requires players to arrange blocks of distinguishable patterns on a 9×9 grid. The primary objective of players in a block puzzle match is to clear the maximum number of cells to clear space for newer blocks.

This aspect of the Block Puzzle game on the MPL app makes it similar yet very distinct from other block puzzle games. The online game features different modes, including the highly popular multiplayer mode, which allows individuals to play the game with their friends.

Coming to the graphics, the MPL Block Puzzle game features outstanding graphics and animations, which make it an absolute fan favorite. Besides this, the game features a simple-yet-appealing interface, which makes it easier for users to navigate through the game and explore its features. Overall, every arcade game enthusiast should check this game out.

Build Up

Similar to Bubble Shooter and Block Puzzle, Build Up is another popular game that enthusiasts love to play. Unlike the 2D playing area that games like Tetris feature, the Build Up game is based on a 3D playing area, making the game much more interesting. The primary objective of players in Build Up is to place blocks on top of each other as compactly as possible.

Besides being super fun, the prominent online game tests players’ sight and reaction time. Thanks to its seamless gameplay feature and top-tier animations, it is one of the most played games on the MPL platform. Moreover, the game’s interesting points system further adds to its brilliance. Besides featuring the classic game mode, Build Up also supports tournaments and battle formats.

Fruit Slice

The Fruit Slice arcade game on the MPL app is perfect for enthusiasts who wish to indulge in a skill-based online arcade game. The primary goal of players in the Fruit Slice game is to slice as many fruits as possible. A classic Fruit Slice game continues until the player misses hitting a fruit three times. Every time the player cuts a fruit, they receive points. The higher a player scores, the better their chances are of winning exciting rewards.

Players must be very agile and aware when playing this fast-paced arcade game. Indulging in the Fruit Slice game on the MPL app offers players an adrenaline rush and thrill. Besides the classic game mode, players can also indulge in tournaments. At the end of the tournament, players at the top of the leaderboard will receive exciting rewards and prizes.

Coming to the controls, players simply need to swipe on their screens to cut or slice the popping fruits in half. Hence, the game is perfect for beginners who do not have much experience in the online gaming sphere.

Fruit Dart

Another arcade game featured on the MPL app that is extensively played by enthusiasts is Fruit Dart. As its name suggests, the primary objective of players is to slice fruits appearing on the screen by throwing knives at them. To release the dart, players are required to touch the screen while keeping an eye on the fruits. Hence, the game tests the hand-eye coordination of players.

To earn additional points, players need to hit multiple fruits with a single knife. Besides trying to cut fruits, players also need to avoid hitting bombs that appear along with the fruits. The game also features numerous exciting elements, such as power-ups which further enhance the excitement of players.

There are multiple game modes players can choose from, including the popular 1v1 mode and the tournament mode. Overall, the Fruit Dart offers players the perfect combination of thrill and excitement, which is why arcade game enthusiasts love indulging in the game.

The MPL app is a storehouse of some of the best online games of different categories. Anyone who loves indulging in online games should check out the MPL platform and its offerings.

Which games are available on MPL?

MPL (Mobile Premier League) offers a wide variety of games to play, including fantasy sports, quiz games, arcade games, card games, and more. Some popular games available on MPL include Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Bubble Shooter, Pool, and Ludo.

What are sites like MPL?

MPL (Mobile Premier League) is an India-based e-sports platform and mobile gaming app. It allows users to compete in various esports tournaments and challenges, as well as play skill-based games for cash prizes. It also offers a wide range of popular casual games for entertainment.

What is the highest earning in MPL?

The highest earning in MPL (Mobile Premier League) is Rs. 1 crore, which was won by Aashish Shah from Mumbai in the MPL Pro Series tournament.

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